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PRICE DROP Russian AK74M /AK-100 Black Polymer Furniture sets Gen 1 stocks

ONLY 3x sets remain!

Russian AK74-M / AK100 series furniture, some NOS/brand new still covered in cosmoline. The stocks are for the standard Russian 5.5mm folding hinges. All of the parts are BLACK and are RUSSIAN.

-First "I'll take it", gets it. After you post in the thread, PLEASE PM ME YOUR ORDER, SHIPPING ADDRESS, and PREFERRED METHOD OF PAYMENT. This helps me get your orders out quicker ;)
-CROSS-POSTED so time stamp rules
-I accept discreet PayPal (no gun words! "Goods & Services" ONLY [Don't worry about the fee, I'll cover that]), USPS Money Orders, or Cash
-If you have any questions, please PM me.

Link to full size pics: https://imgur.com/a/Zk2JYzg

Russian AK74M 5.5mm furniture sets [NOW 3x sets AVAILABLE - 14x sets SOLD] - $107 shipped per set (multiple set discount available):
NOS old school 1st Generation AK74M stock [5.5mm], NOS lower handguard WITHOUT heat shield, VERY USED upper handguard, VERY USED pistol grip.

Early bird gets the worm - I will hand pick the nicest condition parts for buyers in order of orders placed.

For the 3x sets WITHOUT the handguard heat shield (the only ones remaining): $97 shipped each for one of those sets!

These are the RARE original / old style AK74M stocks, NOS (New Old Stock) condition covered in cosmoline
They are Generation 1 AK74M stocks, the button on the rear of the stock is an Oval compared to the newer ones being a small circle. There is also not a trap door for cleaning kit storage.

Handguards - also NOS condition covered in cosmo, the remaining ones DO NOT have heat shields:

Pistol grips are in very used condition (so dirt, scratches, nicks, dings, dents, etc can all be expected):

Upper hand guards are also in very used condition (so dirt, scratches, nicks, dings, dents, etc can all be expected):

Extra parts for sale:
5x used pistol grips - $18 shipped each [2x SOLD]
3x used upper handguard - $6 shipped each [2x SOLD]
3x "Blem" NOS 5.5mm 1st Gen stocks- all 3x have more flecks than all the stocks in the complete sets, each has a scratch (pictured) - $70 shipped each [1x SOLD]
1x NOS lower handguard WITH heat shield - $40 shipped SOLD
tip of grass blades is pointing at a scratch on each stock:

Close up of the one noticeable scratch (one per stock) on the 3x "blem" stocks:
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