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Have some Russian 4.5mm triangle folder stocks for sale, some in NOS condition and some in good used condition.

I accept discreet Paypal (discreet gift or +3%) or USPS MO.
First "I'll take it", gets it. PM me after you post please!
CROSS-POSTED so time stamp rules
If you have any questions, please PM me.
Shipping is $7 per stock, discount for multiple stocks.
Negative feedback will be left for non-paying buyers.

Used condition - has some surface wear and some rust (will be noted), no dents or dings, perfectly serviceable stocks.
Used A, light rust - $65 + shipping SOLD Karr
Used B, very light rust - $65 + shipping SOLD AKme
Used + C (better condition than used), light rust - $70 + shipping SOLD blackgold
Used ++ D (better condition than used +), very light rust - $75 + shipping SOLD blackgold

NOS - New Old Stock

Shipping - $7 per stock, discount for multiple stocks.
All in great NOS condition with some minor storage wear (mainly on butt of stock [pictured]). Rust free! The stocks have oil on them, so the glare from the camera makes it look like they have some wear, but they look great in person.
NOS E $85 + shipping SOLD doco77019 forum
NOS F $85 + shipping
NOS G $85 + shipping SPF jooky
NOS H $85 + shipping SPF Striknine
NOS I $85 + shipping SOLD ddnc

Tula 4.5mm stock - $90 + shipping SOLD Snake Handler forum
In NOS condition, has the ribbed butt and rolled struts.
Shipping - $7 per stock.

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