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Have some Russian 4.5mm triangle folder stocks for sale, some in NOS condition and some in very good used condition.

I accept discreet Paypal (gift or +3%) or USPS MO.
Cross-posted so time stamp rules!
If you have any questions, please PM me.

Very Good -Used
Shipping - $7 per stock, discount for multiple stocks.
Have some finish wear (mostly on butt of stock) and some light scratches but no dents or rust unless noted.
Used A $70+ shipping SPF bda
Used B $70+ shipping SOLD gunningit
Used C $65+ shipping has some pitting on butt of stock (pictured) SPF jdunk502

Example of what most of the wear looks like:

NOS - New Old Stock

Shipping - $7 per stock, discount for multiple stocks.
All in great NOS condition with some minor storage wear. The stocks have oil on them, so the glare from the camera makes it look like they have some wear, but they look great in person

Very Good+ D $75 + shipping (has a little more wear than the NOS condition stocks) SPF Oregonian
NOS E $79 + shipping SPF Sid325
NOS F $79 + shipping SPF Chills
NOS G $79 + shipping has a little bit of red paint on the bottom of the stock, easily removed if desired. SOLD Madball545

Another NOS stock - this one has some red paint on the butt of the stock (pictured), should clean off just fine. Otherwise in excellent condition.
Shipping - $7 per stock, discount for multiple stocks.
NOS H -$79 + shipping SPF Oregonian

Tula 4.5mm stock
In NOS condition, but has some rust around the joints (example pictured). Has the ribbed butt and rolled struts.
Shipping - $7 per stock, discount for multiple stocks.

Tula Stock - $80 + shipping SPF chefbeef

Example of some of the rust around joints:
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