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Ruger 10/22 Modification recommendations

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Matt85's post regarding a Plinkin rifle got my mouth watering so I have a 10/22 DSP on the way but don't tell momma. Once it arrives I am considering some mods and would like advice on items I could install.

1st - It seems that an extended mag release is the best option. Any recommendations?

2nd - Trigger mod?

3rd - I know recoil buffers for the AK are not too popular but does the same apply to the Ruger 10/22?

4th - I am looking for most durable mag options.

Any input and procurement source information will, as always, be appreciated.

:smile: :smile: :smile:
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"4th - I am looking for most durable mag options."

TI25's (www.tacticalinc.com) basically like the Butler Creek steel lip 25 rnders, but they are screwed instead of glued...........together :mrgreen:

As far as the other stuff, I am not sure. I like my 10/22's stock and am so used to "jamming my thumb up there" to release the mags any other way I would consider an "un-natural act" :razz:
the factory mags have never failed me, but if you want more capacity,
http://www.tacticalinc.com/ti25-machine ... p-212.html
only seen one once at a gunshow, never used it personally, but i hear great things, it is pricey.

and the other stuff, volquartsen is one of the top dogs in 10/22. once again expensive. https://www.volquartsen.com/category/16/10

i would say take your rifle for a spin, see how you like it with out the fancy stuff. then go from there. :grin:
damn i take long to post. You beat me Donka
I got my mag release and bolt handle from these guys and I am very pleased.

http://cgi.ebay.com/Ruger-10-22-Custom- ... 18Q2el1247
get a clark trigger in it asap! my 10/22 trigger went from so-so factory to wow with the clark.
Thanks for the input. I do plan to spend time with the stock rifle before I do anything. Any input on the recoil buffer or "bolt pin"?


forget the buffer and extended mag release. get a set of these, love mine
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Just drill a hole in your existing factory mag release and tap a machine bolt in there.
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