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OK, I know there guys/girls on here a LOT more knowledgable in this are than I am, so I hope that I can get some advice, assistance here. I am looking to do an RPK74 conversion to one of my VEPR 5.45s. I dont want to get one of the VEPR1v's so please dont suggest that. I want to make it a true 5.45 RPK. I know more cost and time will be involved but that is ok with me.

I was waiting on Specs from KVAR for their last 5.45 RPK kit, and they sold it out from under me and they will not be getting any more in, so I am left scratching my head as to how to proceed. I have found a couple companies Lothar-Walther and Pac-Nor who make barrels chambered in 5.45x39. The first issue is that Lothar-Walthar only makes a 1:10 twist, not the faster 1:7 or 1:8 twist that I have found most 5.45 RPK barrels to be. I Pac-Nor makes both, so my first question is, If I plan to shoot a mix of surplus and new American ammo, I should get the faster twist, correct? Second, I have been told that I will need a barrel made from regular chrome-moly steel and a stainless barrel, which is corrosion resistant, will not "like" the steel cased ammo, is this correct? Third, if #2 is correct, then I need to get the barrel chrome lined to protect it, does any one know of a reliable chrome liner who does work on barrels? I will have a Romanian 7.62 RPK barrel that I will use to profile the blank, once I get it, so I am not worried about the profile.

My last question, really a shot in the dark at this point as every retailer I can think of has no 5.45 23" barrels, is to ask if anyone has one of the KVAR or other barrels or kits that they could part with so I dont have to go down a path that at this point seems to be VERY painful.

I really appreciate any and all the input this forum can provide.

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