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RPK-74 Parts Kit Value?

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Hi All, I've been out of the scene for a few months and am only now getting back into it...I'm trying to determine the value of a laminated RPK74 kit. Think it would be fair to trade a Russian '75 Izzy AKM kit for one? (this is an offer I received and I don't know much about the RPK74)Any idea on rarity/numbers brought in compared to the soviet kits? Thanks in advance for any/all help! :smile:
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Hard to tell what it's street value is, as many are often willing to pay more these days with the upcoming election and all.

Taking into consideration that a complete Vector-built Bulgy RPK-74 rifle sells for $970 at Atlantic, and an NDS-8 receiver is $160 by itself, I'd guess that you might be able to pull $600 for the kit. However, I'd personally start at $700 shipped and go down to $600 if need be. Unless you really don't want it, I don't think you should part with it for less than $600, as the value of it may sky rocket after a year when the kits are dried up.

http://www.atlanticfirearms.com/program ... Prodid=474
I have a few brand new demilled kits I wouldn't even consider selling for under $850. Vector builds are fine, but you should not use a semi assembly line produced rifle to judge the value of a parts kit, apples and oranges there in my opinion. ORF is pricing right at $1,000 a kit to start if you subtract the value of the included mag(s) with their kits.
As you can see from above....."true" value is irrelevant, as "street" value dictated by supply and demand.

Again, if you try selling it.....start high and come down if need be. :wink:
One cannot buy an RPK-74 kit for less than $1,000 in this country, right now.
Therefore anything under $1,000 is a bargain.

Vector rifles are non matching and therefore their collectible value is low, however, if you need a shooter thats the best way to go.

If you want to built a true collectors piece you will spend well over $1,500!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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