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OK, lets start in reverse....

Poly SVD stock set. Installed and checked for fit then removed. Excellent condition. $200 SOLD!

PKM stock sets, refinished by Z-recto. From left to right....... $35 (no hardware) $55 SPF!!!!! (buttplate but no stock screws) and $75 (complete and the best looking overall)

Egyptian/Iraqi RPG heat shield. I have seen these on pics of both, I am guessing that they are actually from Egypt. No markings, in great shape $175
Fiberglass RPG-2 heat shield, in great shape, a few deep scratches can be seen. $50 SPF

Two sets of chinese RPG-7 heat shields. The smaller ribbed set is in excellent condition! Unusual pattern. $100
The other set is the type normally seen. Great shape $75

Two more sets of the more common RPG heat shields. These are in pretty good shape. Left set $30, right set $40

Last set of Chinese RPG heat shields. In really nice shape. $70

I have large detailed pics if you want a better look. No paypal, CC's ok with no fees. Shipping $9.50 flat
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