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Give me your zip code and I can give you an estimate on shipping, but I mostly use flat rate boxes.
If you want more detailed pics, email me and I will do my best.
IM/PM me with any questions, or email me at [email protected]
Know your own laws and regulation, if you shouldn't have something, don't buy it!!!
First "I'll take it" gets it, post first before IMing me.
This is posted on other boards.
P.S. I don't "live" on the board, so be patient, I will get back to you.

Possible trade interest-

-7.62x39 steel mag U.S. made floor plates
-Bakelite mags
-AIMS bayo
-Egyptian pistol grip, black or “blue”
-Egyptian bayo
-Crutch side folder (preferably Egyptian)
-Let me know what else you got, any other offers can't hurt

Thanks for your time.


All parts are used, in good condition, unless stated. Some finish wear is worse than others, and some parts my have a touch of surface rust. I gave most the parts a quick clean, but there is still some cosmo, and dirt/grime in the nooks and crannies.

Individual prices DO NOT include shipping
Better pics are through out the thread

-trunnion #2 $25
-selector #4 $10
-lower hand guard retainer #3 $5
-(3) Top covers #2, 3, 5 $5 each
-(2)rear trunnions/stock tangs $15 each
-gas block #2 (pictured in thread) $15
-wooden PG, unfinished, no hole drilled $5
-messed up lower (see description below) $5 shipped, or free if another item ships flat rate

More pics and descriptions below

-Hand guard I got at a gun show, was sanded down where the metal ferrel should have been(for milled receiver?), has a shim stapled to the part that goes in the receiver. $5 shipped (free if it fits in a flat rate box with a purchase)

-Wooden pistol grip $5
Unknown origin, hole undrilled, unfinished, no metal piece on top.

-(1) Trunnions w/ barrel pin #1 & #3 SOLD! $25 each

SOLD! #1 SV 1615

#2 SZ 5262

SOLD! #3 SU 9136

-(0) RSBs, no “G”, w/ pin ALL SOLD! $15 each

-(1) Selector levers #1, #2, & #3 SOLD! $10 each

-(0) Gas blocks w/ pins #1 SOLD!, #2 SPF! $15 each

-(0) FSBs w/ pins, spring, and plunger 1 SPF!, 2 SOLD! $12 each

-(1) Lower hand guard retainer #1 & #2 SOLD! $5 each

-(3) Top covers $7.50 each
#1 SOLD! - SU 8148
#2 - ACZ 1995
#3 - TA 0342
SOLD! #4 - TA 3482 (have matching bolt & carrier)
#5 - AK 4406

-(3) Stock tangs $15 each


-BOTH SOLD! (2) Bolt & carriers, used, matching numbers $30 each
#1 - BK 3199
#2 - TA 3482 (have matching top cover)
-ALL SOLD! Gas tube w/ wooden upper #1 $15
#2 has "JANI" carved in right side, & #3 has what looks like "RUDO" carved in right side $10 each
-ALL SOLD! Trigger guard & selector stop
#1 & #2 $20 each
#3 slightly bent, selector stop a little twisted $15
-ALL SOLD! Recoil assembly $5 each
-SOLD! 3 muzzle nuts $10 for all 3
-SOLD! 3 grip screws & nuts $15 for all 3
-SOLD! 3 euro FCGs including triggers, disconnectors w/ spring, hammers w/ spring,
retaining wires, and 9 axis pins. $15 for all 3
-SOLD! 5 akm cleaning rods, used, $35 shipped for all (for shipping reasons, I won't break up)
-SOLD! Recoil assembly, Arabic marked #372? (not very confident in this) $5
-SOLD! Selector lever $10
-SOLD! Yugo grenade launching sight, free with the purchase of something else
-(2) Trunnions $25 shipped each BOTH SOLD!
-Bolt & carrier #2, matching numbers, worn finish $35 + shipping
-(2)Gas tube w/ wooden upper (could used refinished) $20 shipped each
-Trigger guard #2, a few grind marks on selector stop, still has a few rivets in it. $20 shipped
-(1) Selector levers $10 shipped each
- stock tang #1 $18 shipped
-stock tang #2, has a cut/grind mark across the first screw hole $12 shipped
-(2) Lower hand guard retainers $10 shipped each
-(3) FSBs, no spring or plunger $12 shipped each
#1 very good finish, a little buggered up around second pin hole
#2 & #3, worn finish
- (2) RSBs, no “G” $22 shipped each
-Bolt & carrier #1, matching numbers, nicer one $40 + shipping
-(2) lower hand guard retainers $10 shipped each

-Romy “G” kit, Matching numbers $286 shipped
It is a 1981 matching numbers "G" kit. It is used, in good condition. Park shows some wear but not too bad, and there is a little surface rust here and there. I have had this kit for around five years, give or take.
The furniture is a little rough (not perfect), but perfectly useable. No deep gouges or dents that I can see.
All the rivets have been removed, and barrel popped out of trunnion. It doesn't have any trigger, sear or spring, and hammer (wasn't included in kit). It does come with 2 axis pins, retaining wire, and hammer spring. If you really want the fire control group, I can probably find one around somewhere.
I can get more pics of anything in particular you'd like.

-Polish tantal, 1989 matching numbers kit, 2 US parts $400 shipped
Has a good bit of finish wear(very weak paint), bakelite is in "good" used condition, gas piston has been removed, u.s. piston included. Includes original selector, bipod and U.S. made brake (pictured below barrel, original above). All rivets have been removed, and barrel has been removed from trunnion. DOES NOT come with FA parts (ratchet, fcg, reducer, or sear spring). Will include romy fcg with the springs and axis pins.


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Re: ak parts, and other stuff. REDUCED!

I'll take...

Romy front trunnion #1 serial 'SV 2068 1991' for $25 shipped

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Re: ak parts, and other stuff. UPDATED!

i will take

#3 trunnion SU 9136


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Re: ak parts, and other stuff. UPDATED!

I''ll take one -FSB w/ pins, spring, and plunger for 15$

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Re: ak parts, and other stuff. UPDATED!

I will take

Gas tube w/ wooden upper #2 has "JANI" carved in right side $15

I will send you another money order out asap. Can you hold it and ship with the trunnion?


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Re: romy ak parts, and other stuff. reduced!

I will take both of these.
Trigger guard & selector stop
#1 & #2 $20 each

And can pay with paypal to 75202.

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