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Romanin sar 1 1997 model

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I can get a sar 1 . 1997 model it has no import on the reciever just safe makeings .The gas block has the name and a importer . The gun had a romaninpush button folding stock red bake alite forearm theupper one the lower is the wood front facing grip .The gun has never missed a beat 2000 rounds out of it with finish wear kind of looks like a battle field gun 475 is it a good price .I know the gun
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The SAR-1 wasn't being imported in '97. Is it a WUM or a ROMAK-1 perhaps?
If its a WUM 1, or CUR 1, (or even a SAR 1 of another year) $475.00 isnt bad right now. If its in good shape, with no "issues" like canted sights,
or gas blocks. You could easily change back to a full stock if you wanted to,
sounds like. There are not many AKMs of 1997 vintage around for sale,
of the Romainian type
I don't know, $475 for a ban era gun that's describe as a battlefield pickup gun? I'd have to see pictures, but based on your description I wouldn't give over $350 for it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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