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Well at least the first one is!

After a LONG wait, our shipment today of Semi-PKMs included our first Romanian! We waded through hundreds of kits to find just 13 unissued Romanian kits... and it was worth it! As you know most of the Romanian kits were good for just boat anchors, but these 13 were unissued and in awesome condition!

Exhibiting the PK / PKM part milled topcover, these look REALLY great and function just like our awesome Hungarian Semi-PKMs.

We only have 13 of these guns... this one is already sold... and we will get one or two a month so the next one or two is a month out... price on these is $4,575 w/ one 200 round can and belt. You can add a transit chest for $250 too...

Take a look... we have fewer of these than our 27 Russians! We will take 1/2 down on a first come first served basis... thanks!

Thanks for all your support! We've delivered over 130 Semi-PKMs all over the U.S. and we have a little less than 100 to go!

Dave Bane
MarColMar Firearms LLC
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