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Some decades back kvar had the aim parts kits as well as a 762x39 mini sniper south american contract parts kit...well what ever happened to these kits?

Now on the other hand I just completed snagging the hard to get parts for the 762 AIM..yep, fsb, tube, piston, bakelite and original fh. I've been sitting on 2 sets of the bakelite handgaurds for years now, and was about to give up....when here the rest pops up :dance:

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the mini sniper's didn't have a front trunion but did have the rear i had one built up on a chicom rec that century imported in
coldnt hit the brod side of the barn with it
got rid of it quick now with the rommie rpk rec out there
it could have made a good gun out of it
they are still out there the imported abought 250 kit's
sombody will let one loose soon
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