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sksmedic said:
Here is a quick video I made about adjusting the factory trigger on a Remington 700.

I assume no liability for people being stupid.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nonKL1O9 ... 5OvDOGatKQ
You're the one being stupid. That's like giving a kid a box of matches and saying "hey, i am not responsible when you burn the house down". Granted, any moron can get in there and turn a screw, you just made an overly simplistic video about it.

First and foremost you fail to describe the multiple safety checks that should be performed after adjusting the trigger.

There are also some caveats like sear engagement and overtravel you probably don't understand, so it's best to leave them out of the video.

In fact, the reason you had a shitty 7lb factory trigger is because people have enough accidents as WITHOUT a hair trigger. The "new" shitty Remington adjustable trigger is a further advancement in lawyer friendly trigger designs because of guys turning screws they don't understand.

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