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Remington 30s .257 Roberts got one! PICS Posted!

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I got an old Remington 30s as a gift. I beleive it was made in 1940 with a weaver scope. Exterior and stock finish has rubbed off mostly.

I never even heard of the .257 Roberts caliber. So what are thoughts and opinions on this rifle.

Does anyone know what the value of this rifle is. I would say the exterior finish is 50% but the chamber and rifling look almost new. It looks like it just sat for 50 years. No rust at all.

Will upload some pics shortly.
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.257 Roberts is absolutely the best deer cartridge ever made. It's a flat shooting, accurate, fun round. I have a Remington 722 in .257 Roberts.

I would clean it, shoot it, and love it. Go bag a deer with it this winter.

Pick up some reloading dies and single stage some rounds for it too. It's not real hard to find, but it can be kind of pricey depending on what you want to get. After you shoot it a few times, you won't care :D.
I think this is the P-14/P-17 action, no? Very strong, very rugged.
Yup, the .257 is the cats ass! I have a Mauser 98 that I chambered in .257 Roberts (Ackley Improved 40deg shoulder though). The .257 Roberts is a fantastic Whitetail cartridge. It is one flat shooting SOB. The only reason that I chambered mine in the Ackley Improved version is I can still shoot standard .257 Roberts cartridges out of it and in doing so "fire form" the cases into the new 40 degree shoulder version.. (the 40 deg shoulder enables you to load the same amount of propellant as you would in the standard casing, but the new shape of the cartridge is more efficient and yields higher velocities).

Anyhow the .257 Roberts is just about "neck and neck" with the .25-06 Rem performance wise (it is actually quite a bit more efficent cartrage wise). As for ammo Hornaday has a good selection of loaded ammo available. It is not cheap, but it is the best I have used so far as factory fodder..

Congratulations! Good shooting..


P.S : PLEASE POST PICS! :mrgreen:

Here we go these are the pics. My main camera is gone so I used a cheap one so sorry about the crappy quality.

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Hmmm That bolt/receiver looks like its off a Japanese Arisaka

This is a crappy camera as I was trying to get good shots of the markings on the bolt/receiver. It says Remington Express in huge letters on the receiver.
That is a nice rifle. It is just screaming for a re-blue and a stock refinishing job.. That is a really strong action for that cartridge. That action like mentioned above is either a P14, or P17 action. They are Brutally strong. (like .300 Win mag and bigger strong)

Is that scope a Weaver V-8? It does look very appropriate on there. All in all it looks good. It looks like a bit of water damage on the butt-stock, but it looks good. A good talented smith could make that thing look amazing!

Nice rifle!


The Weaver scope goes up to 1000 YD. and says Weaver 1" USA right above the mounts. Not sure what model it is.

I wanted to make sure this was a good rifle as I am intrested in refinishing it. That was why I was asking you guys. I never heard of the caliber or the rifle. I could not find any similar rifle on Gunbroker.
Look up the author PO Ackley. You will find a plethora of info on the .257 Roberts.

If that rifle were mine I would get a nice 600-800 grit bluing job done on it, have the checkering touched up, the stock sanded/re-finished and re-bedded,+ the butt-pad replaced. Then (again if it were mine) I would have the express style sights either removed, or cleaned up and install the missing rear leafs. A careful guy could clean up and touch up the scope, and also toss the weaver "tip off" rings (they are hated by all serious gunsmiths me included :wink: ). A nice set of solid steel Burris "Z" rings that would allow you to mount the rear sight leaf (if left on the rifle) would give it a nice clean look and be 3x more solid..

You could have a real eye popper if done right..


Do you have any recommendations of a place that can do all that work?

I am out here on the left coast so I would prefer someone closer unless of course its someone that does real outstanding work. Like a Ted Marshall of Remingtons then I dont mind shipping anywhere in the US.
I got nothing better to do so have some Arisaka for comparison

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EXPcustom said:
Do you have any recommendations of a place that can do all that work?
Well I have no idea where you are, So Try
Go ahead and try Brownells "Gunsmith Locator".. Also I know a few people in and aroud PA. (I would LOVE do it myself but I lack the appropriate equipment right now).

Some linseed rubbed into that stock is about all you really need to have a fine looking rifle that's been used and will be again. Did you get the rear sight blade?
Everything i have ever seen shot with the .257 Roberts went down with authority (6 or 7 deer, 1 Bull Elk,and a handfull of Coyotes and pigs) i have always had a healthy respect for that round.

Get it worked on and keep it in service.
5thShock said:
Some linseed rubbed into that stock is about all you really need to have a fine looking rifle that's been used and will be again. Did you get the rear sight blade?
What you see in the pics is what I got.

I look forward to restoring it and having it reblued.

I found a guy a while ago that makes custom gun stocks mostly for Thompsons and he said he can make me any gunstock I want if I send in the old one.

He will also use any wood I buy to make it with.

I am thinking about having the stock made out of a nice piece of flamed maple.

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Well since this is show and tell... :wink:

My Semi custom Ruger in .25-06 . The end caps are "burled Maple", and the stock itself is Bastogne Walnut.

This is my 20 Gauge "Condor" O/U it's stocks are out of french walnut..

And this one is my savage 99 in .300 Savage. I hated the factory "Schnabel" forend and buttstock so I made my own. It is also Bastogne walnut.

This one is a full on custom Mauser that I built from the ground up for my cousin. It is in .308 Win..

This is my "To Do Pile"...

I usually start all of my stocking projects off from a "blank", but sometimes I get a request to go from a pre-inletted piece like the above.

Oh and my Curly Maple blank that I am saving to do a 7mm Mauser Mannlicher on. Sorry about the Pic quality, it is hard to get the finite details with the lighting that I have..


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You sir, are an artist. That Mauser is a thing of beauty. I lust for it.
Here is another couple for you... :wink:

My Ruger again..


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