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I have been a long time TOK Collector & have owned & read all that I could on this subject ? And have, at one time or another owned all of them, except the North Korean Type 68 ! Duncan Long has a book on the subject, that is about as exhaustive as possible ,on the markings, dates, variants as exists on the subject ! Saying all this, I looked your gun over & I believe this to be a genuine late wartime arsenal manufacture or remanufactured pistol ! Many things did & did not take place during this time of Total War, that were out of the ordinary ? The Soviets were on the move as much & as fast as possible toward Berlin ! Especially, the armaments manufacturers & their approval & proofing as well as the documentation~registration & distribution networks ! I highly suspect these to be some of these extra markings you mentioned & the extra or the additional ones ? Thisis what makes some wartime weapons so valuable compared to the standard production & procured ones, it is these extra markings. As well as the poorer finishes & undone or not-completed processes that in some cases makes them truly rare ! This is especially true of the Germans & what they had control over during ( late wartime ) ! Making some guns truly rare & worth thousands of dollars extra now ? The reason for this is that the Germans kept meticulous records & were highly organized till the very end ! The Soviets were not or won't tell to this day what some of their wartime coding was for on specific weapons etc.? That said, your Tokarev, is of significantly more value & rarer than a pre or post war Tokarev & even ( most ),wartime ones ! I would put it in the $1500 to & 2000 dollar range & that increasing every years there won't be any more 1945 year model pistols made & with no-import markings to boot, it is a keeper just as it is ! Arsenal rework or not & it may be worth more if it is a wartime or era rework ! Some Kreighof Nazi era reworks are worth twice as much & rarer than than a standard one ! Another example is the ware time Dura-aLuminum P-38"s & the Grey Ghost P-38"s ! And the B-Series Nazi era Checkoslovakian model 38 w/saftey added ! Another two, that come to mind is the Saur 38H thats of too many wartime variants to list & the Hungarian Frommer Pistols with both safety & caliber changes ? These changes in the norm make them of considerable more rarity & value than their standard models ! I could go on & on but let me say this one of the most knowledgeable folks I've ever known was Sydnis Rachwal & his son David Rachwal they are truly experts in this feld ! David Rachwal has a website Handguns of the World just type in his name ! He should know much more than I do hope this helps you out ? Sincerely & Respectfully ! JOHN D WATSON
Can I ask what the name of the Duncan Long book is? I have Datig and White books on the Tok. I looked up Long but don’t see a Tokarev book on his works list. Thanks!
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