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Refinishing a Romy? (edit - more pix of pain)

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All -

Wood from my SAR-1 (Had black spray paint on wood). I sanded. I should have known there'd be a wood refinishing forum! Too late now.

As you can see, some areas were sanded down to the white.

Anyway, wood is now sanded to the 320 or 360 grit level. (Plan to do 2 - 3x tung oil interspersed w/0000 steel wool, then poly.)

Question - recommendations for stain - minwax sedona red? Want it to look pretty authentically commie, not too pretty, just uniform in color:

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OODA_Loop: check the link out on the thread on this page about
refinishing the krink handgaurds.
Thanks for the link.

Wow. Complicated for the guy without a workspace - I think I'm headed for minwax polyshades...
There are lots of options. And you may hit what you want with the Minwax. The protective coat is another choice that is plentifull.

The Rit is nice beause you can custom talor the shade you want,
but the dedicated wood products may give you a longer lasting
i would bleach them. restain.
I've seen some guys get real close by using iodine as a "pre-stain" and then using one of the min-wax stains, which tend to be too red all by themselves. The iodine gives it the right orange tint. Don't recall what min-wax stain they used but I suspect if you search for "iodine" you'd find it.
Okay, Minwax Bombay Mahogany is really PURPLE. Jesus. Off to get more sandpaper. Update later.

Update: Damn. So I'm back to square one, although I may go back to the old EZ off bleaching technique I used to use w/walnut.

My goal is to not get a Russian finish but something like the mildly flat, reddish stain that was on the wood under the spray paint.

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