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Reenacting group 'Razwiedka'

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I don't know if it's a good section on that forum (if not please move it) but it's something completly diferent.
Here is a Polish reenactment group 'GRH Razwiedka' -> http://razwiedka.rus.mil.pl/

some more photos on our site:
http://razwiedka.rus.mil.pl/category/19 ... _2008.html
http://razwiedka.rus.mil.pl/category/14 ... _2008.html
and members:
We reenact soviet Airborne troops during Soviet-Afghan War 1979-1989. We are young group - actualy first in Poland that put focus on that war. At this moment there is about 14 members (from 18 to 40years old)
All of uniforms, equipment etc. is from Afghan era war. (even small pocket chess and cigaretes ;) )
Unfortunately in Poland we have very very restrictive law - so deact weapons are hard to get (exept some old Polish army weapons) so we have to use replicas - but we put so much real steal parts as it's possible. Law is law - hope it will change soon.

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are any of you in wroclaw?
Unfortunately no. But we are spread around the whole country. There are a few persons from Katowice, Bytom, Krakow, Warsaw and some other cities.

We just gather a few times a year on some military themed shows.
Airsoft guns.
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