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Redoing white lettering???

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I have used white model paint on HKs in the past.. What are ya'll using on the AKs when redoing the lettering on the front trunnions (example: Romanian AKM)? Wanted to get that touch of yellow for aunthenticity.
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I use testors model paint too..
BigAL said:
I use testors model paint too..
and real tiny brushes :)?
I saw a guy use a white candle or crayon then he went over the lettering with it... looked good. I'd hate to take the gun out on a hot day though.

I use testors and a fine brush also, excellent stuff.
I like Brownells "Lacquer Sticks".

Simple to use, no mess.

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I use a sewing seam marking pen. easy to apply and can be remioved if necessary. Available at Wally World (Walmart). Like this:
http://www.threadsandthings.com.au/stor ... em147.html
The couple of times I've messed with it I used a white crayon. It's hels up good. The sewing marker mentioned above would work good too.
White crayon (no kidding) or a white "china marker" (aka "grease pencil"). Works great, cheap, and doesn't run unless you set your handguards on fire ...
A touch of WD40 in the grooves then use the white crayon. If you later decide you want to remove it, a little WD40 will do the job.
For a touch of yellowing, I use the white lacquer stick and then stick the part into the oven at around 200F for about 20-30 minutes or so. The oven heat will slightly yellow the white lacquer.
nope, flood it on, let it set and wipe the surface with a paper towel and a little turp..

you can use crayons, artist pencils, lacquer sticks. almost anything will work..
I used acrylic craft paint. I had a bunch left over from a flight jacket I painted. It won't hold up to any cleaners, but it's cheap and can be easily redone.
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