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Receiver Top Cover For Arsenal SSR-85B With FEG Receiver

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I need to replace the receiver top cover that came on my Arsenal SSR-85B which has a FEG stamped receiver. Kvar has either a Bulgaria Arsenal top cover or a East German one. Both are stated to be for stamped receivers. Would either work on my Arsenal? Other sites that I have found sell the Romania ribbed top covers for stamped receivers, would this one work also? Want to know for sure before I place an order. Help appreciated. Photo shows a East German receiver cover.
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They are all interchangeable. You'll have no issues with any of them.
if you want keep it original look for one with no serial #'s . Artty
Thanks to you both, appreciate the help. Artty I do not think these have serial numbers on them. Kvar states they are brand new and unused. If someone could confirm that would be great.
PM sent. Artty
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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