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I just bought one of the Bulgarian milled under folder kits from Arms of America which is on the way now. Its got the bake lite hand guards. Its being built on a Russian style milled receiver from CNC Warrior.

What markings should the receiver have to be as accuarate as possible?

I know the selector markings should be an AB above the EA. Should the "A" be the flat topped type of A or the regular pointed top A? Again, this will be built with a kit from a late Bulgarian AK the comes with the bake lite furniture.

What would be the correct markings on the left side of the receiver for a Bulgarian kit such as this? I've seen the some with the triangle with arrow inside and some with the circle 10, or both. An what numbers should be next to that on the left side and what do those numbers mean??? I'm guessing the numbers/some of the numbers from the left side of the receiver should match numbers on the bolt carrier?

I doubt this parts kit comes with any part of the original milled receiver as reference so I'm not sure how to tell what year of rifle the kit comes from, that would also be nice to know if it is indicated on any other parts of the milled parts kits??

Info on this is greatly appreciated. I am having etch stencils made to perform the task of putting the correct markings on the receiver and want to order the right ones and know what I'm asking for to begin with.

Also, what rivet kit should I buy for this milled receiver and milled under folder parts I am building on it? I dont see as many rivets on the milled receivers but it looks like from what I've seen they still have rivets for trigger guard maybe?
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