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receiver flats?

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Hey everyone,

Never really seen any rifles built on a flat. How does the dimples look? Pretty authentic? Or way off? Are they close to NoDak Spud receiver dimples?

Any info or pictures would help out. Thanks
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Look at my post. Its about 1/3 of the way down this page. It has good photos of an Ak-builder tantal flat bent up....


I handled lots of ak's at the gun show yesterday. I now think that the dimples on the Ak-builder flat looks even better than NDS. I was very suprised by what I saw. Compare NDS X/Y axis, and mag dimples with ak-builder. Then goto here and look...


The second link is to a post thats full of great up-close photos of real ak's. See how wide the flat in the bottom of the X/Y dimples are on the real thing? NDS X/Y dimples are skinny. Ak-builder X/Y dimples look like the real thing.

Question answered?
thanks for the great repy and info. Very greatful.....
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