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Range report IN RANGE custom 74'

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I know pics are great and will post as soon as i can figure this site out.That being said.
I recently purchased a gun from this forum built by Troy at IN RANGE an optics only 74' custom.With Ultimak forgrips,and gas tube.Holland brake and well a list of things.(you can still see the gun in the AK rifles for sale)

When i picked up the gun i was surprised by ts very short OAL length and build quality.I was taking it out today come hell or high water.

Well very little water today but here in the midwest (ST.Louis) it was 95 with 80% humidity at 10am when the range opened.So i guess it was more the hell side of that coin.

All i have done to the rifle is add an Aimpoint 4 moa scope a grey east german sling and a removable forward grip for the rail.Not trying to buck rogers the gun up-function first.

Well i set up on one of the cheesy public range red plastic rests and dialed in the Aimpoint at 50 yards-benched.Had to go thru about a magazine before i got it where i wanted it ( all i am shooting now is Bulgy surplus)
After that round i could group three rounds just about where i wanted them have a cple of sets that are outstanding well under an inch-but its only 50 yards.As i fired the rifle because of the short barrel it was LOUD--you could feel it as well as making yours ear ring even with plugs..All the heat issues with the ultimak gas tube never came up and i damn well got it hot..The left side GALiL style grip and safety worked great and became second nature by the end of the shoot.

After a few rounds at 50 yards benched i moved the target back to 75 yards and fired with a proper sling-up and it shot great-groups of course were much larger but i could put them where i needed them.A few of the 5 shot groups were very nice-one 5 shot group i placed the dot at the bottom of the X ring and fired 5 as quickly as i could get back on target
its 5 holes were a gentle inward curve from the 7 ring in.

Function of the rifle was flawless throwing the emptys far and foward to the right-the gun worked-i want to get a smaller MOA. On the Aimpoint this is 4 MOA dot and at 75 yards covers more of the center than i thought it would.Any thoughts suggestions for a 1 or 2 moa red dot?

I will post pics of rifle and targets as soon as get it figured out.I must saying i have handled more 50 AK's in my life and never one such as this.
Practical is what this gun is.With the Aimpoint its very fast on target and when i rapid fire it the dot bobs up and falls right back in place.Nothing
'fluffy' about this gun its all about business.

Thanks Troy

pics to follow

:dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:
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I have a nice set of range pics anyone here give me a hand posting them
I already made them smaller to be easier...

Easist thing to do is start a photobucket.com account and upload them there, then copy and paste to the thread.

If you want, you can email them to me:

timorrock at yahoo.com
Thank you

On the way
Thanks for posting

I know what you all are thinking-damn that boy cant shoot-well except for the targets where its noted these were all offhand.With a sling wrap up on some.The shoots were not as fast as possible save for one target.

But i went thru a 30 round mag in less than 20 seconds.If you fold any target in half and you use the top edge as a guide imagine a straight line from shoulder to shoulder-they all would have been very effective.All the dialing in of the AIMPOINT was from a bench rest-notice the much tighter groups.

This is 'PRACTICAL' AK's and heaven forbid a weapon has to be used in self defense i want to know how it shoots and handles off hand-rapid fire-
the way it would be used to save your life

Thats also the reason i bought this rifle it handles so well.Any input on how to improve my offhand shooting or on ideas for the rifle would be great.

i have a nice forward grip on the rail and tried a mag using that instead of the sling-some reason it was the worst group i shot.

:smile: :smile:
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Really nice rifle. I was so tempted on picking it up off the EE myself. Its a shame it doesnt have some sort of buis on it.
Thank you

I just kept going back to it-loved the look.The BUIS thing can be done already moved the Aimpoint further enough foward it would co witness.
Troy was also very cool on the phone so i grabbed it.That WILL be the next thing i invest in-trying to find the smallest set there is.
DO NOT want alot of weight hanging on the front half of the rifle.The gun
is super light wieght-even with a clip the rifle is the only 5.45 where i could feel any recoil.AND the muzzle brake Troy used works great.I have
a Sagia hybrid in .223 that has a 14 barrel 3 inch brake welded on to make legal--LOUD ASS rifle.This has it beat -loved it at the range must have had 6-7 people with the two trips to the range ask me about the rifle because it so loud..lol

I mean just a shout out isnt shooting off hand more real world than bench testing a rifle such as this..?Not that im a tin foil hat wearing-bomb shelter diggin,etc-etc.Just want to shoot it as close to how i would have to use it.

I mean when the zombies attack i must be well prepared,also pod people
are always a constant menace and the way they both sway back and forth when they are comin' at you a rifle thats quick on target is important.

:shock: :shock:
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