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Hey all,

First post here, I ran across something a little different when I was at a local gun show and wondered if anyone had any information about it. It's a Saiga .308 with a few odd pieces that came with it. I was thinking of parting out the combined buttstock/pistol grip that came with it and the scope, but I get the feeling I might be separating pieces out that were factory original to the rifle, they're things I haven't seen before and are somewhat uncommon. If anyone knows whether or not it's safe to sell those items and I'm not ruining the value of the rifle, or anything about them or how they attached the brake please let me know.

The first thing that caught my eye as unusual was the muzzle brake - I know it was popular for awhile to bump the front sight one pin back and thread the exposed area, but the front sight that came on the rifle doesn't appear to have pins in it. It may just be due to the thick semi-gloss paint the previous owner applied and it may be hiding the pins, but I messed with the brake and couldn't get it to budge. Was there another method to getting a brake onto the rifle? I'm suspicious it's a press on front sight of some kind with a welded on and cleaned up brake, though I hope I'm wrong.

The second oddity was the buttstock/pistol grip. I did some research on it and found it was made by a Russian company called STK, but really that's all the info I could find on it. Their website has evaporated and I couldn't find anything else on the item really.

The last thing was the scope. Doing a little research on some Russian optics reselling sites, I found it's a PO 4x24-1 with a Saiga specific mount, designed to have the optic positioned further to the rear due to the rearward positioning of the trigger and buttstock. I have no idea what it's cammed for. The serial number on the scope doesn't match the serial number on the rifle. What's weirder though, is that it's a PO 4x24 scope... with the reticle from a PSO 6x36. Something which I can't find record of literally anywhere. Just strange.
Does anyone know if the scope or stock would have come on the rifle from the factory in this setup? If removing them would damage the value of the rifle, I would like to keep it unmolested but if not, I'm itching to convert and sell the PG/stock and scope. Or if anyone knows anything about the muzzle brake job that was done to the rifle, it would be massively appreciated. Pics are below. Thank you!!!
IMG_5169.JPG IMG_5170.JPG IMG_5171.JPG IMG_5138.JPG IMG_5144.JPG
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