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question about Tantal stock

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So I'm considering buying a Tantal kit and having it built. Anyway, I'm not so hip on the look of the folding wire stock (it looks uncomfortable to me). Can a folding triangular stock fit on a Tantal easily?

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I am not sure if you can use the NDS2T reciever with a russian style folder

But sure, you can have someone use a NDS-2SF, you will have to drill the bottom of the trunion for the pin but it shouldn't be a problem.
I have never seen a Tantal side folder like that
Sounds doable to me. I'd like to see how it would come out. Not sure if you could still use the left sided thumb selector though.
Just noticed that a Tantal sidefolder stock is about 3/4" shorter than a standard Warsaw Pact length 74 fixed stock. With the low recoil of 5.45 this would be a good rifle for small shooters.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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