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Have we got a deal for you! For a limited time Silencer Shop is offering delayed payment on any Q silencer. You simply pay for the tax stamp and then pay for the silencer when it is approved. Of course, you may submit the full amount anytime before your Form 4 is approved if you prefer. This Q promo provides you financial flexibility while awaiting your shiny new toy… Think of it as Kevin Brittingham’s revamped version of layaway.

How do you take advantage of this?

1.Start by adding a Q PROMO TAX STAMP to your order.
2.Next pick out your Q Silencer and add it to cart.
3.With both items in the cart, your cart will reflect the price of the stamp only... you won't have to pay for the silencer until your Form 4 is approved.


You will need to add one Q Promo Tax Stamp to your order for every Q Silencer that you have

Your order will not ship to your dealer until it is paid in full

The regular "Form 4 Tax Stamp" product on our site can be used if you just want to pay in full up front

Promotion runs from 9/25/2017 through 10/6/2017
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