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Atlantic Firearms is so excited to introduce this new roller delayed beauty from PTR Industries! This is The new PTR Classic 9CT-CL Pistol! This beauty is a semi automatic 9mm pistol that rocks that sleek and cool look you're oh so familiar with. The build design includes a really comfy, wide plastic handguard. This thing is a dream to shoot! They really went above and beyond at PTR with this pistol! Chambered for 9mm ammo, it has a full-auto carrier & is sear pack ready for any shooter w/ an NFA full automatic sear pack. Just to mention, some other nice features are an included bungee strap & a threaded 1/2x28 barrel. The 9CT-CL Classic Pistol is a perfect choice if you want a gorgeous looking pistol caliber SMG with fantastic modern construction and durability.

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