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I could not find anything relating to this with the search function so I thought I would share it for the benefit of left and right hand users. I am using a convertible one and two point sling made by Original SOE along with an KH clip and 550 cord tied in a prusik knot. I tried this out for a good while last night and it worked just fine when doing transitions so that your rifle drops its weight to a large degree on the knot. Also note the knot does not interfere with the stock when folded which is a plus for me.

The technically correct Prusik knot used for ascending may only be a couple of wraps where I have three but this only strenghtens the amount of tension put on the stock rod. This knot does not slide up and down the rod but stays put exacty where you place it due to tension. That is why this knot is used by people doing rope work as an inexpensive ascender.

The obligatory toe shot is in the last pic. :mrgreen:

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