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Prepping for my next kit builds...(PIC)

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I had such a good experience with InRange doing my Galil that I've just sent him a note seeing about availability for an MpiKM, KMS, and "G" kit clones.

Matching NDS receivers, engraved by Orion. The kits are Romy and two Hungarian (AKM-type and AMD-63, originally). Interestingly, each of the front sights is different - round, oval, and square. The Hungarian units will make pretty fair DDR clones with substitution of the sling loop and rear sight leaf...enjoy

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Thanks for sharing the pics. I'm sure you will be happy with the end results...can't go wrong with Inrange. Now that the SER projects are done the turn around time should be pretty fast.

please post pics when you get your builds back..
I am going to have to stagger the builds, sending one at a time. Considering I bought the AMD and G kit when they were in the $99 range....

(Should have bought way, way more).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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