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powerful picture

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got ths link on another forum i go to.this is one brave little boy.god bless him and his family.remember - All Gave Some,Some Gave All.
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/503047437/
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Very moving photo.

just dont read the comments on it.
This beats the snot out of the JFK junior picture. WOW.
kids got alot of guts.

i couldn't help it, i read the comments. imust say i find it very hard to bite my tounge in instances like these. and in the interest of sparring you all my tantram i will cuss to myself. but i must say i am very disapointed by how some people can be so small in the worst of times.
I hope this is all worth it :sad:
That photograph is sad and beautiful....like much of life.

Thank you for posting it.
It is always worth it but I just wish our government would not protect targets and things would be over much sooner. I used to get so pissed in Vietnam and I am sure the guys in Iraq and Afganistan feel the same way.

United States Marine Corps
Semper Fidelis
Bless him and his family.
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ak_nut said:
I hope this is all worth it :sad:
When your over there, there is no politics, no political parties, no left wingers, no right wingers...its you, and the guys next to you.
Everyone of us that fought there gave something, but that Marine gave everything.
Truely a moving photo. :sad:
ak_nut said:
I hope this is all worth it :sad:
Does it matter? his did
Reading the comments left by the filthy communists about that kid's dad is all the reason I need to keep from voting for a Democrat. Ever.

So much for "tolerance" and "respect"for other peoples' views, opinions and lives.

Every time I see those vile, cruel comments posted by leftist vermin on various websites, I see right through the colossal lie that is Political "Correctness."
ak_nut said:
I hope this is all worth it :sad:
Evidently that kid's dad thought it was worth it.

I thought it was worth it when I went over there.

The worst thing anybody culd do for that boy is to tell him that his dad died for nothing, and that it meant nothing, but you can bet your ass that some leftist piece of dogshit will go out of his way to stick a kinfe in that kid's neck the first chance he gets, just to make some worthless political "statement". Just look at the disgusting comments on Flickr posted by the leftist dirtbags who have nothing but their Che T-shirts and sorry-assed "activist causes" to live for; they rail against those who stand up to serve, while taking every advantage of the best that this great country has to offer, and all of this without ever contributing ANYTHING of measurable worth to this nation. They're nothing more than intellectual bums, crusading with their hands out, begging for other peoples' money.

I hate, loathe and despise "peace" activists with an unholy passion. They're some of the most callous and cruel people on Earth, claiming to be humanitarians. It's sickening.
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