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I dont know much about optics yet, I will learn quick though with you guy's help.

I have a wz88 that I put together about 2 years ago and have shot it a few times since, It seems to be very accurate about as good as my 16 inch bushmaster was ( sold it :( ) .

Since it seems more accurate then its open sites are capable of I figured it was about time to get into some optics.

What I want is magnifications because my eyes aren't that good anyway and a scope that will allow to adjust for clarity for the same reason.

So far I like the POSP 8 x 42 vd seems to have these things and more.
Do you guys think this would be a good combo? Is there a better combo for my rifle?

Price is also a factor I have seen the POSP go for around $200.00 and wanna keep at that or less if you guys have something else in mind.

Another thing, I currently dont have a rail on my Tantal. Its not a problem for me to rivet one on, but which one could I use that will accomodate this sight and give clearance for my Tantal's selector switch?

I would sure appreciate you guys help with this.
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