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Polish slabside,Bulgy waffles and Yugo BHO mags-For Sale

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All prices include shipping,payment by US postal money order only.Only
shipped to states where legal.First to post I'll take it.

1] Like new 75 round chinese drum with pouch. $180.00 {SPF}
2] 5 new Bulgy 30 round 7.62 waffle mags $110.00 {SPF}
3] 4 VG and 1 good condition Yugo BHO with triangle witness $95.00

4] 9 VG to good mix Euro mags $85.00 {SPF}
5] 2 Chinese flat back,1 VG and 1good $35.00

6] 1 Polish slabside and 1 each Bulgy plum,black and OD green. $130.00 {SPF}

7] 1 Polish slabside,2 black Bulgy waffles and 1 40 round black waffle. $125.00
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I'll take it Number #4
9 VG to good European mags mix for $85.00
2] 5 new Bulgy 30 round 7.62 waffle mags $110.00

I'll take these:

2] 5 new Bulgy 30 round 7.62 waffle mags $110.00 shipped
New Prices-Weekend Sale

New Prices
Like new 75 rd Chinese drum with pouch, 180.00 shipped, I'll take it. PM sent
PM sent,check if your inbox is full.
Would you consider splitting any of these packages up? I'd be interested in a polish slabside and black waffle.
Id be interested in one of the slabsides is you split them up.
Shotswapper,check your inbox if full.
PM sent
Yugo,Polish and Bulgy waffles back up for sale.

shotswapper and matt634, check your inbox,IM's sent
Birdie- drum and xtra mag finally showed up-thanks. Better than promised and worth the wait. Think I'll be getting insurance in the future though, some of these toys are too expensive to roll the bones with the USPS :shock:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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