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Polish AK kits?

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Does anyone know where to find them anymore? Gunthings.com has PMKMS kits for $400 but I'd REALLY not like to spend that much. Is there anywhere else? Also, does anywhere have fixed stock Polish AKM kits?

And another question: If I were to buy a Polish milled AK47 or KBK WZ60 kit without the barrel, where could I find a barrel?
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You would need to keep an eye out for a used barrel for the milled, as far as I know, no vendor has them.

I have not seen any fixed Polish AKM kits in a while. However, the folder kits do just fine with a fixed trunnion.

I see the folder kits fairly often on the used forums. Also, try Gun Things, he may have some kits left. Also Military Gun Supply in Texas. There was a non matching kit on ARFCOM yesterday for about $225.00
There are a pretty good number of folding Polish kits on Gunbroker now - most are a little less than Gunthings $400 price. I would buy one of those and sell the folder off - they normally get $75+ and then then find the stock you really want. Just watch out - finding a real Polish fixed stock and correct trunnion can be very time consuming.

LOL, I see you knew about Gunthings kits. :lol: What I should have written is DPH. They had some, I dont know if they still do, but it may be worth a call. Especially if you dont need the folder. I have picked up a kit or two in the past with some missing part, or parts.

But I think the used market forums will be the best, and just be ready
to act fast.

Those milled kits at Apex are priced good, too bad they need a barrel.
They would probably build into a nice rifle.
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