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Hello all.

Well after building and assembling other firearms I decided to try something new. Apex's sale pushed me over the edge into roller locked kit building. I ordered two kits and took advantage of thier mag and mag loader deal. Shipping once again was fast and everthing was included, even the parts the add mentioned might not be. Hats off and a thank you to Apex. The kits condition is pretty good with a few minor nicks/dents in the wood. All the metal including the mags is pretty good and usable with nothing but signs of honest use. Overall, I'd do it again and recommend them to others. Here is a quick pic out of the box.

I must admit the mag loader is pretty cool if somewhat heavy.

I have always enjoyed shooting HK style rifles and regret no buying any pre-bans when the deals came up. I don't want to get burned out on AK building so I figured these would be something different and relatively cheap to learn on. If these work out well I plan on moving up to a much more expensive MP-5 kits (I "need" a 10mm MP-5) ;).

For the moment I plan on a pre-bent receiver with 1913 rail, G-3 rear sight and G3 green slim stock set. That may change. I probably wont due too much other than gather parts and start on them around the end of the year as I have several AK and AR builds I want to finish first.

Edit to add, I didn't realize this was 1K posts. A very big thank you to my fellow members and to the owners for having me. I really enjoy the friendly and helpful attitude here. It's pretty rare that I don't learn something here on a daily basis (firearm related or not :cool:).
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