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I finally got all my extras unpacked from the PCS across country…to the epicenter. I have updated the listing with better pictures and better organization.

I am interested in the following trades;

Russian AKM carrier / Tortort Fixed 80% receivers / MB74 receiver / 74 Bolt / VEPR T2 GB/FSB / RPK GB & FSB - 15x / VEPR circle 10 slant triangle stock / Chinese bayonet metal hanger x3 / Romanian 5.45 RPK mags / circle 10 marked Bulgy blued 47 mags / DDR T3 sling / Yugo or US / T3 profile US barrel

This add will be crossposted, so timestamps do matter. All marketplace rules apply. I can accept Postal money order, Personal check (item will be held until the funds clear, Venmo, Zelle, Cashapp, and (my preferred option) Paypal (goods & services = +4%, or Friends & family = 0 additional costs). If paying digitally, put NO GUN WORDS in the comment box. Shipping will be based on the smallest flat rate box or padded envelope that I can fit it into. If it is odd-shaped I will try and get it into a smaller box to save as much as possible on shipping. If desired, insurance will be extra, as I will not be held liable for lost packages. I have not had one go missing yet, but there is always that chance. I will ship from Brooklyn, NY. First unconditional “I’ll take it" gets it. I can provide more pictures upon request to your email or cell, so leave either or both in the message that you send me.

All items are prices as OBO. If you don't like my pricing, offer what you believe to be fair. Worst I can say is no.

Parts are numbered on pictures and are listed in that order. If an item is not listed/numbered that means that it was either sold before this listing went up, or I have withdrawn it.

1. 2x Polish KBK wz. / GN60 AT rifle grenades. One AT is completely unmarked, uncommon to have no markings $125 each - SOLD

2. Russian T2 underfold stock assembly. Excellent bluing and great proofs. Deconstructed, missing two pins. - $200

3. 4x rare, virgin VEPR 12 railed gas blocks - original from Molot Factory, correct to convert stock gas block back to factory OG from Russia, Last of my stock, CANNOT get more - $250 each
4. 5x rare AK 100 series push button recoil rods, Last of stock, CANNOT get more - $110 each - 3x SOLD

5. 2x NOS Hungarian AK63F stock sets with hourglass trunnion, All have minor storage wear but are virgin otherwise. Perfect for converting a 63D kit to the less common “F” variant, complete minus the trunnion screws - $230 each

6. Chinese underfold stock, has a little rust, the finish is 85% - $120
7. 2x Romanian underfold stock sets, one old, skinny style, one newer, thicker style - $30 each
8. 1x Romanian UF hardware set, currently installed on the Chinese stock, but will go with any stock in the photo. If requested. Missing 3x small pins

9. UKN polymer buttstock - $15 - SOLD
10. Phoenix Technology buttstock - $15 - SOLD
11. Bulgarian Salmon stock & grip set - $30 - SOLD

Right to Left, Bottom to top
12. UKN polymer handguard set - $10 - SOLD
13. 2x Black VEPR RPK handguard sets - $38 each - SOLD
14. 3x NOS Russian plum Fat RPK/PKM grips, one marked ½, two marked 1/1 - $68 each
15. 2x US marked arsenal grips - $10 each
16. UKN US black grip - $8
17. Shoretac cut, comblock Russian red - have about $80 into it, small blemish, don't affect finish/function. $50
18. Bulgarian Salmon grip - $5 - Withdrawn
19. 3x Yugo M70/72 grips - $8 Each

20. 2x Bulgarian 6x4 bayonets. Darker has matched etched SN, stamp on NOS hanger, lighter is mismatched etched SN, stamp on NOS hanger, nice OTK stamp on the sheath, a nice twist on retention strap, but is torn partway through the near top of handle - $80 each
21. Bulgarian T1 bayonet without hanger, Black handle - $35 - SOLD
22. Bulgarian 6x2 bayonet with interesting vinyl & leather replacement hanger. The retention strap is oversized and torn, will not secure to bayonet any longer - $30 - SOLD
23. Romanian AIMS74 transition sheath, worn - $12

24. 3x SGM Tactical VEPR 7.62x39 magazines. Received these in a trade, I have not used, cannot speak to function. - $12 each - ALL SOLD

25. Romanian 3 cell pouch - $25
26. East German rain camo straight 4 cell pouch - $25

26. 6x NOS Chinese AK/SKS 2x leather strap slings. These are a rarely seen version of CHICOM sling, much more robust than standard 2x tab slings. All NOS with minor age stains, complete with Keepers and all have crisp stamps. - $40 each - 4x SOLD

Group of muzzle devices. Left to right, Top to Bottom
27. Russian RPK74m Flash Hiders 14x1lh - $40
28. Circle 10 chevron, sells for $20-$30 when in stock, 14x1lh - $25 - SOLD
29. Infinite “walking dead muzzle device, nitride coated, sells for $60, 14x1lh - $45
30. 2x original virgin M92/85 muzzle devices - $60 each
31. R.A.G.E TCS recoil system end cap, rethreaded to 14x1lh to serve as muzzle cap - $15
32. UKN 74 Style brake. Believed to be Chinese, but not like the Chinese 74 brake I have. Rougher cut, but no US markings, 14x1lh - $20 - SPF
23. Chinese SKS pin on brake - $15
34. VISM AK74 brake, 24mm - $30
35. 3x Primary Weapons Systems ( PWS ) FSC-47 GEN 1. First-generation WITHOUT birdcage ends. Threaded 14x1lh with detent. All-New, inbox, in wrapping. - $120 each

Random parts, Left to Right, Top to Bottom
Buy individually or take the Lot for - $150

36. AKM safety Selector - $8 - SOLD
37. UKN (believe Romy) doughnut hole rear trunnion - $25 - Withdrawn
38. Bulgarian 74 rear trunnion, still in receiver stub - $30 - SOLD
39. 3x NOS Comblock AKM pistons, Either Russian, Polish, or Romanian. Two groove one has nice proof and has cosmoline remnants - $35 for proof, $25 ea for other 2
40. 2x Tromix Weld-on backplate for VEPR/Saiga 12 - $16 + S&H on CSS – asking $10 each
41. Railed Maadi RPM receiver cover. this one seems short. Fit, but barely on my RPM, Paid $80 for it, priced at $50 as it may not fit.
42. Maadi receiver cover - $40

Yugo parts, Left to Right, Top to Bottom
Buy individually or take the Lot for - $80
43. 2x Yugo covers - $30 each - Both Sold
44. M92/85 pistol trunnion with QD hole - $50 - SOLD
45. Virgin M92/85 trigger guard - $20
46. Yugo M72 Gas block and sling loop - $35
47. Yugo M72 Bipod, FSB, and muzzle nut still in Cosmo - $65
54. Yugo M72 bipod - $25 - SOLD

55. Ronin VEPR slant stock, no longer made, I believe cost $180 total for the buttpad and cheek rest. the buttpad did not match up perfect and high temp black calking was added to fill in the gap. Asking $80
56. The next two items are mated together and I would prefer to sell them to someone looking for a DMR look on a longer barrel VEPR - $170 as a set.
Ultimak VEPR gas tube. Sell new for $112+shipping. Ground to slide inside the manticore handguard does not affect fit/function - $70
Manticore/shoretac handguard - no longer offered, retailed for $180 when available. Cut out to allow Ultimak gas tube, just needs to be coated/painted - $120

NON-AK items

1. BSA Sweet .223 6-18x40 NIB scope. This has not been mounted. It has a set of rings included. This scope is no longer sold and is a great economical .223 scope with calibrated reticle - $100
2. Bushnell AR/223 3-9x40 BDC reticle with one-piece mount - Sells for $172 on amazon without the mount - $125
3. Ruger 4x24 air-rifle scope with rings. $20

4. Buffalo horn Beretta M92 custom grips. I bought several years ago for my m92SB compact and did not fit as advertised. Believe they are for an M92fs, but not 100% - $35
5. 3x Magpul .3" rubber buttpad - $5 each
6. 2x AR 15 trigger assemblies (one out of my Loki, one from my CMMG Mutant) (Loki has about 300 rounds through it, Mutant has maybe 50 through it) - $40 each - Safety will be included with first trigger purchased.
7. Ruger American polymer cheek riser stock -$10
8. Ergo FDE AR grip, installed, not used - $12
9. KSG slip-on recoil pad - $10
10. Butler creek sling - $10

11. UKN pouches believe one is for a Mosin, belief cleaning kit in Mosin, Unsure though - $10 for all - SOLD

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I’ll take this:
1. Polish KBK wz. / GN60 rifle grenade lot - $450 — Ready made lost to complete your GN60 package.
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