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Parts kits in ILlinois?

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From my preliminary research it looks like ak parts kits are legal in IL, except for cook county/chicago, where I think everything except crocs, priuses, and starbucks steamed lattes are illegal.

My understanding is also that hi cap mags and hi cap ak47 assault rifles (semi of course) are legal in IL (again, except for chicago and maybe some other towns).

Does anyone want to chime in? Reason I ask is I'm getting ready to ship an AK kit to Peoria. Just want to double check.
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No worries in Peoria. No communist party headquarters that far south yet.
thanks davehal!
I'm from IL originally and always planned to move back there after retiring from the military. They always took good care of the military, but with th gun laws passed and in the works, i'm doing what i always said i wouldn't, and will be retring to Missouri. The FOID I can deal with and have zero issues with. this other crap though...
Controlled pair...
MO is not bad if you can stand the humidity. We are making positive actual progress when it comes to firearms laws. No more Permit to acquire handguns. Suppressors will become legal in August.

Laws are actually moving in the right direction. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to remind myself it's actually happening. Not that MO is an anti gun state at all, just seems sometimes like the whole world has gone insane.
IL, MO, no difference in humidity. I just can't believe the state I grew up in and loved has gone to shit this fast when it comes to a constitutional right. The SBR bug bit me and bit hard, so no illinois for me. Can't even go to shoot with my father.
All I can say is welcome to MO. Yeah the humidity prob is the same, esp if you are talking STL/E. St. Louis.

We should all just activise, do all we can to promote the NRA-ILA and hopefully maybe the Heller decision can really grow into something and be used to strike down bans of all kinds in different states. Heller is a stepping stone but long way to go. Lot of questionable dicta in the opinion that seems to suggest all the FOID/permit nonsense is constitutional, but i don't think permitting was the issue submitted or ruled upon, so it leaves room for permitting schemes, FOID, AWBs etc to be ruled unconstitutional infringments as well.

I don't know much about the FOID but it sounds very insidious and it's something that should be brought before a court and actually explained to the judges why it's bad (ever see Red Dawn? except substitute our own government using the convenient register of gun owners).
All the FOID really does is require a background check, one time, to get the card. If you're a shooter you get the card when you're a kid. Need ammo? Show the card, and you're good to go. It really isn't infringing on rights any more than government access to our credit card bills. They still know what you're buying.
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