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I was thinking about selling my parts kit galil and mags, and replacing it with an AUG or another vepr 1v RPK.


Built by IGF & coated with his proprietary finish

Galil SAR kit from Apex
CNC warrior receiver
Nitrided, Israeli produced galil barrel chopped by IGF to 14.5 with pinned Spikes Dynacomp
New night sights
replacement micro galil stock
Ronin Galil grip
New plastic handguard

I would include the following with the rifle:
-around 15 mags, mix of condition. Some I painted due to condition of finish.
-extra 18 inch barrel.
-extra parts from the build (grip, stock, etc).

The only downside to the rifle is that the rifle was originally built to be CA compliant, and thus the stock has a piece of steel tube around the hinge pin so it won't fold. I started hacking on the pin after moving to AZ to get it off, but I've given up.
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