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parkerizing equipment-stainless pans

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I just thought I should mention to everyone here where you can find cheap stainless trays for parkerizing.

Go to home depot and go in the drywall tools section and they have stainless mudpans, that are heliarced(dont get the ones that are spotwelded)

I bought two for 12 bucks each and they worked perfect for parking !!!
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Nice! I'm about to build a rack and burner for my friend's tank. I'll head over there to HD and check these out tomorrow.
whats even better is they fit a receiver perfect, and are 16" or so long, V/U shaped so you can use alot less solution. I was able to use a single electric heater to do the job,for each pan. although it takes awhile to heat up, but just start it ahead of time while prepping or sand blasting, and your good to go. Without expensive propane, but the propane rig would be handly if you ever get into serious bluing.

allegheny arsenal park kit worked great too, would suggest that too, if you dont have a park kit yet. about $35
I just used a SS electric skillet on my VZ 58 receiver, they should be cheap at thrift stores.
floridadon said:
I just used a SS electric skillet on my VZ 58 receiver, they should be cheap at thrift stores.

I seen a griddle at walmart, for $21, thought it would be great to have both pans side by side, looked cool as hell, but did not have enough heat.

a single electric burner, works great for one pan. I really need one of those double burner portable rigs, then it would really heat it up faster. The single one does the job, though.

anytime we can get by without expensive propane or nat gas, is a good thing, even on the wallet.
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