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OT: Where to find an M14

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I'm an AK guy but I would like to find an M14 for my father in-law like he used to carry in Korea. Does anyone know a good wholesale dealer?
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you mean a garand? i dont think they issued m14's in korea
Just_Parker said:
you mean a garand? i dont think they issued m14's in korea
He might have been stationed near the DMZ after the war?

Probably a Garand is what he had...

Either a Garand or a Carbine. Both designated M1

The M14 did not get adopted until 1957 replacing the Garand as the main battle rifle at that time. I expect a few prototypes of the M14 existed in 1950-1953 but not widely used nor ever adopted as such. I don't think many, if any, of those prototypes got used in Korea. And certainly would not have been called the M14 at that time nor routine issue rifle at that time either.

Unless he was in Korea after the initial hostilities had ended and it was a DMZ duty assignment.

But if you want to find something similar then Springfield makes a decent Semi Auto copy. There are a couple other higher end ones too.

Or if it is a Garand or Carbine your after then try the CMP.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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