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OT small motor cycle or scooter

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My mom is wanting something to ride in a small 25 mph community. Anybody know about the legacy 250 http://www.qlinkmotor.com/index.php. Also other good suggestions for her would be nice. She wants an automatic. Thanks
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My son just Bought a Yamaha ZUMA. It gets 100mpg and will go 45mph with him at 2oolbs.
Its automatic and very easy to get off and on. Because the motor is less than 50cc it does not have to be licensed. It's considerd a bicycle. It has all the lights for night also. It has electric start with a kick start back up.

http://www.yamaha-motor.com/sport/produ ... /home.aspx
yeah if she's only going 25 around a little community you only need 49cc. lots of chinese stuff on the market now for less than 1k.
Dude, I know how to make them scoots' COOL! Check this out!

The popular scooter around where I live is the Honda Ruckus. I see little packs of them cruising around. $2,000, 49cc, around 100 mpg.
I have a moped, had it since I was 12, 100MPG 50 cc and it's pimp. You can pick up a new Vespa 50cc for around 1200 or so.

Here's what you can do with 50cc's

i have a 50cc 2stroke tomos, that i bought for $750 with 20 some miles on it. will do 35mph with 300lb load on it. easy to work on, and a pretty tough little engine.

i feel pretty sad knowing i have to sell it, but it just not safe to ride it where i'm at anymore. :sad:
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:cool: ....scooters are like a fat woman, a lot of fun to ride on, but you don't want your friends to see you on it. :cool:
Problem is there are some good hills and it slows her 50cc one down to about 13-15 mph flat road it will do 30. I think the main thing is her cvt is slipping a little. It's a cheap SunL made by geely.

ETA: it's a gutless 4 stroke.
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