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OT No4MkI Enfield

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A buddy of mine has an excellent condition one that he wants to get rid of to me. No pics yet, but its in awesome shape, and the barrel is excellent plus. Whats the going rate for one of these?
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Manufacturer? Date? FTR'd? Matching? Matching mag? Traceable history? Would love to know more. :grin:
Your right...here is what I found:

Broad Arrow Marked on the reciever...British

Left side reciever: No4 MK1/2 (F) FTR...factory through recondition
below that stuff: /53 BU193** date of remanufacture, and serial number?

Has an importers mark on the barrel, very small and hard to spot:

CAI STP. A. VT. 303B UK importer from Vermont I think.

Upper barrel band marked D60

Metal wrist band marked 1944

Barrel needs a bore snake, its got some dust, but still VERY shiney, and sharp lands.

Wood is almost too good to be true. I thought it was sanded and refinished, but really does look original. Very few minor handling marks, and small stamps still visable so I would guess not sanded/cleaned. If it was, it was done by a real pro as the wood is still "proud" around the metal. I"m not a 303 guy, but this rifle spoke to me. I really have no idea of the value, and since this guy is like a brother, want the transaction to be fair.
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5thShock said:
That's a fine old rifle talking to you.

Great website, thanks for the link. Anybody know what the BU means?
I'd say around 100-150 for a No.4 Mk. 1. That's about how much I paid for mine.

The better ones can go for around 200.
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