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OT: Never rob a disabled old fart ......................

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Because we have nothing but time to find you .......

In 2005 I was robbed of $65K by 2 scumbags, I told them I would find them someday and either put a hollow point in them or stand and laugh as they were hauled away by the cops, all depending on my mood that day.

I concentrated on the dumb one first, tracked him down recently to a small town 2 states over and was just getting ready for a road trip when guess what POS showed up in town late last night ..... I called the cops, told them of his felony warrants, and they hauled him away. I made sure he saw me as they drove off to jail, and yes I was laughing.

Now for the smarter of the two, he should be comfortable by now and should start making mistakes .... 1 down, 1 to go :dance:
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I have been able to track down every single piece of property ever stolen from me and even got one guy put behind bars for 4 years. :smile:

All these people that stole from me I was trying to help out in one way or another. In fact in a recent instance when I recovered property I found out it was a family member that stole it so I did not press charges. :mad:
congrats at getting some retrobution.good thing scumbags are usually pretty stupid too.
Can you give us anymore info? Like how you tracked them down etc...
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