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OT: FedEX shipping..does this sound right to you?

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Ok, its been 2 days and the shipping inofrmation on my RPK74 has yet updated:

Jul 12, 2008 6:29 AM

Departed FedEx location


2:02 AM

Arrived at FedEx location


Was the last update I got from their online tracking. That's very strange as usually shipping progress is updated every night in case of UPS, never used Fedex before and have no idea if this is just their common practice or I shall begin to worry, you guys delt with Fedex before please give me your opinions, Thanks.
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fed ex ground is not like ups, not every hub has the same equipment some scan packages into the system via a automated system, others rely on the loaders to scan each package manualy. When shtf not every package gets scanned before loading. so maybe it just didnt get scanned. as of a year ago all fedex ground employees must submit to a metal detector and or pat down before leaving the location. stealing your rpk would be very very hard. it either got shipped to the wrong city and will be there eventually or it never got scanned in at its last transfer point and is on its way.
btw where do you live. if its on the other side of the country it maybe on its way to a large hub in the midwest and may not of arived yet.
Thanks for your reply, I live in North Tx, I was told to expect it tomorrow or Wed. we will see.
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