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OT : Bicycle ( Trek ) vavle stem.

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Guys I was giving an old Trek mountain bike. I let it sit up and lost most of the air in the tires is gone. It has a thin valve stem with a little tiny type nut deal that spins off to let this longer plunger go down to release or put air in the bike. What do you call it and where can I get the adapter to fit my standard bike / sports ball pump. Thanks WarDawg
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You need a Presta to Schrader adapter, any moderately sized sports store that sells quality bikes is sure to have one. In fact I think that Walmart even carries them, I know that some of the little frame mounted pumps come with an adapter..

I have a Specialized brand bike pump that works on both types of valve stems. Think it cost around 50 bucks.

You can get one like it at any upper-end bike store, as mentioned in the post above.
Thanks guys. My cousin bought himself a new one and asked if I would want to have the old one. Nothing wrong with it. Its in good shape and everything is there and works. It has a few scracthes from crashes he say he has had. LOL. He is now Head to Afghanistan attached to 7 th group. Thanks WarDawg
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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