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Cant seem to find the answer for this one on a tutorial.

This is my first build with a flat, and I dont know what to do next.

I bent the flat, cut the rails to fit the carrier, and fit the front and rear trunions (didnt rivet them, just set em in to check for fit).

now i dunno whats next......trigger guard..........heat treat....???

any help would be appreciated.

Also..........I dont have a spot welder, or any type oof welder for that matter, and I was considering screwing the lower rails on. anyone ever done this??

Big Leric

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Here's what I do:

Bend the flat.

Heat treat rails and trigger group holes.

Pinch weld or otherwise attach rails.

Center support rivet.

Trigger guard.

Front trunnion.

Rear trunnion.
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