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Optics rail for a Romy kit?

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I am helping a friend build a nice Romy and he wants to rivet on an optics rail. I have a nice Bulgarian rail that will work, but it was over $50 from Doug Ford (Tantal), and is correct for a Bulgy 74 not a AKM 47 -- so I am thinking this should be a choice of last resort. What are you using or recommend for this kind of build?
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Something like this will work,
but if you are asking if it the correct part to make it original. I would not know.
I like this one. It's not "exactly" like the rail on the WASR style rifles, but it has the correct rear rivet placement to work with the existing rear trunion hole placement on my Romy G 7.62x39 kit. I haven't installed it yet, saving it for my next Romy build.

I had no problems with the payment or shipment when I ordered mine.

I checked the good optics link. Country/region selector is not working, or is "all other countries" the only one? I'd buy two so I can mount the two scopes I have.
Tantal has ones that are of the orgional style and the rail's tail rivet utilizes the long (lower) rear stock attachment rivet on a AKM patterned weapon. From what I understand the first 74's used the same stock attachment as the AKM and had this pattern of scope rail was used up until the 74' was changed.
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