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Opinions: AK for the wife...

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Yeah, you read it right, she does occassionally come to the range with me to shoot, even been known to fire the Hk-91 & FAL.

Right now she's got an SAR-1, but after shooting AR was thinking maybe the lighter recoil of 5.45 would be more fun, plus ammo is supposed to be cheaper. We were looking around at Atlantic's Tantal built by interarms with chrome bore and all the polish features.

Only thing concerns me is ammo availability, checked centerfire's website and the 5.45 was $20 more than 7.62 ($199 to $179), so dumb question, should I get her the Tantal or go with an Arsenal in .223 instead for about $800. Anybody got any of the Interarms built Tantals ...likes....dislikes??
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Women seem to be blessed with the ability to ignore recoil and other severe problems if they "love" that gun. Let her pick it out.

Chicks seem to dig VZ-58's.
stock on tantal is the shortest around (folder) youre nose is about 1 inch from receiver cover trying to get a good sight pic. also a lot do have problems with keyholeing which is real bad! for the wife the vz-58 fixed
would most likely be the best, fully loaded it also weighs 2lbs. less than
an ak and it is milled! centerfire still has some for $799. there are no problems with those guns made by CZ and have a 5 yr. warranty. a cheap
wasr is going for right at $500. at shows and 99% of them are junk!
my wife loves the CUR2 i got her.the recoil doesn't beat her up and she likes the front pgrip.she likes it even more now that the stockset is pink.
Impressive! I'm still trying to wean mine off of the .22

What about a Bulgi AKS-74U. They're on sale everywhere right now.

If I were buying one for my ol' lady, I go with the Bulgi krink without an SBR. -No excessive muzzle flash to spook the women folk. You could add a hook/pile tape grenade launcher pad to absorb what little recoil there is from the 5.45

-Women. More damn shoes than they'll ever wear and still they complain about our guns. At least I'll use them more than once and be able to get most of my $$ back if needed.
a lot of the arsenals in 5.56 known as the slr 106 series did and does have severe problems just like the early slrs 107 models. ranging from canted sights, bad finish etc. but the 106 series had a lot of issues with
many mags! it would be best unless you get a vz-58 to check out the ind. gun at show or dealer even if it costs $100. more and you will save in the long run by warranty, shipp. costs to have them repaired! it is sad but any AK type rifle on the market lately, has a lot of issues no matter who makes them, so check ft. sight cant,
gas brake cant, bore, magwell fit and function,(lot cut to wide) proper height of mag. catch, cycle gun and dry fire! pull charging handle 1 1/2 inches back and see if it closes all way by itself, in the case of tantal, many have 223 barrels in them that dont work proper.(early ones)
good luck and please keep us updated! :smileak: thanks :grin: :animak: :doh: :smileak:
Mine wants my ORF 74S from Todd :sad: Half way through the first mag, I gave it to her last winter at our other place. We were shooting in the Nat Forest on a cow path. She ran the mag out , blowing chunks of frozen mud and snow up in the air, up the trail. :shock:

" This is a nice one for a change." :smile: " Yes ,Dear".
TaosBob.... That's how she got the SAR-1, it was that or give up one of my chicom pre-bans....

I like the 7.62 myself, though I'll be the first to admit I don't have any experience with the AK-74. Are the parts that much different on the Tantal than the regular 74 ?? I know the front handguard setup is different. We also looked at a couple of Arsenals in .223, but as a lot of folks have said there were/are probs. with those. Haven't heard anything but praise for the Tantals that Atlantic has been selling (won't buy if not chromed barrel).
armakraut said:
Women seem to be blessed with the ability to ignore recoil and other severe problems if they "love" that gun. Let her pick it out.

Chicks seem to dig VZ-58's.

I second the VZ58 my wife and baby girl (11) have shot one and had no problems.
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