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Opencarry.org went to our zoo, well reported

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This is from the Idahostatesman.com a website for our local newspaper. I'm not wanting to get into polotics about open/concealed carry, personally, I conceal outside of the back yard, BUT the point is: for a news paper to cover this, I think it was well done, I'll watch the news tonight to see how they covered it.
OpenCarry.org members visited Zoo Boise to make a point


Idaho Statues on firearms
BY ANNA WEBB - [email protected]
Edition Date: 07/20/08

When you go to the zoo, you expect to see monkeys, ducks in a pond. You don't usually expect to see visitors with handguns.

But you would have, had you visited Zoo Boise Saturday morning.

About 10 members of the local chapter of OpenCarry.org, a national group that advocates for citizens' rights to openly carry handguns, met there.

After a little confusion at the front desk about whether it's legal to bring an unconcealed handgun into the zoo - it is - the group bought tickets and sauntered through the front gates like all the other visitors.

That they were no different from all the other visitors was the point the group members were trying to make.

"Coming to the zoo was something we could do together, like any family would," said Carol Schultz of Nampa. She is never without her handgun and holds her holster in place with a heart-studded belt.

Schultz has gone through the steps, the training and the background check to qualify for a concealed weapons permit. Though her holster is now an integral part of her wardrobe, she can still imagine an unarmed world.

"In an ideal society, one of peace and people taking control of their own lives, ideally, you wouldn't need a gun," she said.

Unfortunately, said fellow OpenCarry.org member Blaine Tewell, of Eagle, the world is a dangerous place of random shootings in malls, even churches.

The former military man, who's in the process of getting a concealed weapons permit, openly carries for now. He's not a vigilante and has no desire to chase down criminals. He just wants to be safe, he said.

"When seconds count, police are still minutes away," he said.

Neither Schultz nor Tewell has ever had to use a gun in self-defense. They have been asked to leave private property, though, such as restaurants and stores where their guns made people nervous.

Lt. Alan Cavener of the Boise Police Department said reason must play a part in the open carrying of guns.

"We support peoples' constitutional rights, but we also want to ensure public safety. People need to use common sense about where they choose to bring a firearm," Cavener said.

Zoo visitor Laura Greaves, from Salem, Ore., questioned whether it was really necessary for someone besides a staffer working closely with dangerous animals to carry a gun at the zoo - legality aside. Saturday morning, the most ominous threats appeared to be runaway strollers and kids throwing tantrums.

"Legal and appropriate are two different things," said another visitor, Boisean Alex Lundgren.
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Some would think Schools and Malls were as safe as a zoo wouldn't they? Yes Legal and appropriate are two different things protecting yourself and your family is both.
i'm heading to the zoo today,and i feel naked not having my ccw rig.
Yeah!!! what a great peaceful day at the zoo we're having, why would anyone need to carry a handgun here....until a f'ing tiger gets loose and starts eating people.
They are only worried about wild Animals.. can some one please let the people opposed to this know the facts on how many people are killed by wild animal per year vs. how many are killed by people. I mean I don't fear the animals.. People are a million times more likely to kill me every day.
PhilRazz said:
Yeah!!! what a great peaceful day at the zoo we're having, why would anyone need to carry a handgun here....until a f'ing tiger gets loose and starts eating people.
Screw tigers....freakin penguins, man...penguins... :peep:
Funny you say that about the tiger, (and Boise people, please correct me on this) Once about maybe 10 years ago, a lady who worked at the zoo wanted to show off the new tigers to some friends, she opened the cage, a tiger jumped on her, grabbed her, was opening his mouth over her head, a guy shot the tiger, and shes sued him for endangering her life... she got no support from the locals on that one... but we have a sweet tiger cage now...
That's how my memory recalls it, if anyone else remembers, chime in.
Screw tigers....freakin penguins, man...penguins...
.... damn penguins ...
.... bastards ...

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :lol:
A guy was grabbed by a polar bear through the bars at a zoo in New York, IIRC. A cop killed it with one shot from a 38, had +P 158 gr lead HP ammo. The guy that got grabbed was harassing the bear. Also, in Chicago a full grown gorilla escaped from Lincoln Park Zoo and was just walking down the street. Stuff happens, be ready.
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