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I don't know for sure, but I believe I heard they were Teak wood.

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I don't know I've wondered that myself. Almost looks like faux wood but it's nicer than the old Romanian WASR telephone pole wood.

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The Yugo stocks are not Teak. That is an urban legend started by Mitchell.

Info from Matt at Ironwood and from the Zastava site>

Matt from Ironwood Designs here,
Thought I would chime in on this discussion.
True, Mitchell did claim they were Teak, the stocks are notTeak.
We have used Teak for years to make our Yugo reproductionstocks, simply because it looks virtually identical, when finished with atypical gun stock oil, like Tung, Tru, or Linseed oil.
I had spoken to Bill at Patomic arms a few years ago aboutthis very same question. He responded and said that the guys at the Zastavafactory laughed when they heard that everyone thought that the Yugos came withTeak stocks, a very expensive Southeast Asian hardwood. The actual wood used onmost of the M70s was a species of Birch, found in Eastern Europe, ( Yugolaviaand regions nearby).
M90/95s were typically fitted with Beech wood, which we douse for both M70 & M90 stock sets. I'm not sure about Elm, as I have neverworked with that material before.
Here's a pic with some Yugos with our Teak sets installedand finished.
Can you tell which one is Teak? One of the sets has originalYugo furniture.
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TheYugoslavian/Serbian Zastava M70-series mil-spec assault rifles [IOW the onesthat comes as kits by the thousands to the US] have beechwood furniture. Eventhe official Zastava website confirms this:

M70 B1[fixed-stock stamped 7,62x39 'Yugo' AK]:

Drvenikundak, izrađen od kvalitene bukovine


Woodenstock, made from high-quality beech

Same goesfor the Zastava PAP, M76, M72 etc.
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