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Ok I got a question...

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So if you took the folowers out of those 5.45 bakelite mags that have been converted to 556 or the robarms followers and put them im a 5.45 45 rd bakelite mag, would they be able to hold 45 rds of 5.56 and run smoothly in a 5.56 gun, or would they jam up? Give me your thoughts.
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Well, the followers in Century converted 5.45 mags are 5.45 followers. They throw some stamp work on the floorplate and hope they work (they do not).

The two cartridges have different shapes and will bind in the mags designed for them, no matter what follower you use.

Wasn't this just asked within the last week?
Ya N' it was me who asked, but some said I couldnt and one said I could, I was just looking for some more feedback.
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