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Not this again....

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Recoil buffers.....before you guys jump all over me, I know this has been done to death befroe I used the search and came up with a lot of OPINIONS but not a lot of evidence for or against.

In one thread free range yoda had asked about some test fixtures to determine whether the buffers actually caused the BCG to rebound faster than normal causing damage to the front trunnion as Templar had posted. Has anymore been done with regards to this that I've missed ??

I have several AKs which clearly show evidence of BCG impact to the rear trunnion. I installed Buffertech recoil buffers but haven't been shooting much lately, so if they are a bad idea designed to seperate you from hard earned cash I'd like to get the FACTS, not ".....because MTK didn't put it there so it doesn't need one".

Also some have advocated putting in new or stronger recoil springs, stronger spring brings us back to increased BCG velocity on counter-recoil stroke the same as what is claimed for the buffer causing damage to front trunnion. Not trying to be a PITA, just like to get to the bottom of this issue once and for all. And please let's keep it civil so this doesn't get locked three posts in. :grin: Anybody done any actual testing please chime in.....
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I never really saw damage to the front trunnion, I did see increased wear and slight damage to the cocking handle slamming into the front end of the rifle.

I'd put a new recoil spring in first before I resorted to the buffer.
I would agree that with the proper recoil spring rate, the carrier should be at zero impact force at full recoil stroke.
Got 5 new east german recoil springs on order from K-var, as well as a telescoping rod type reoil assembly that's EG also. If it has no serial # on it for the AES-10B.

Templar ...I'll check my "tacticool" chicom, it's been ran the longest with a buffer, the others don't get out much :grin: I had noticed carrier peening the rear trunnion on one so that's why the buffers were installed in the first place. Anyone know how much force the recoil stroke generates ??? I'm going to try to do some testing and need to find out the equivalent weight to use to test for bounce, I know a machinist who's a curious type so I can probably get him to help build a test fixture.
After searching around for the recoil springs I saw where Brownells had some manufactured by Wolff that had a 15% increase in power. WTF ?? wouldn't a 15% increase in counter recoil force beat the BCG up as much as, or worse than a buffer ?? Or am I missing something ??

Thanks for all the input guys.
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