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I am new to the AK thing, I have a Scar 16s I have put all my time and money into and have decided something else needs my attention so I have got a Romanian RPK Flat I've got it bent and heat treated, but as I have been ordering and looking for parts its came to my attention the Front trunnion in which is bulged is no where to be found. I came across this one

RPK TRUNNION TRUNION AK47 AK-47 AK AKM AK74 AK-74 : AK47 Parts at GunBroker.com

$250.00 for a virgin trunnion..... Is there anywhere else I could find one of those or does anyone have a good one for sale? If not is that an ok price? I just couldn't see spending that much for one.

And while I am asking questions are there parts that interchange With the Romy or no?

Thank you very much for all who help me out on this My name is Wesley By the way.
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